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Update! After way too long, I've finally posted a newer version (version 1.2). Go to the Download page to get it.

What is PictureTray?
PictureTray is a freeware tool for resizing and rotating pictures quickly and simply. You choose how you want your pictures resized, then drag your picture files into the "In" tray. A resized copy of each picture is made and put in the "Out" tray. You then drag the pictures from the Out tray into another program (like Eudora, Outlook, or FrontPage). 

To try PictureTray, just download it (about 500K), unzip it, and run it.

PictureTray runs on Windows XP, 2000, NT4, Win95, and Win98, and is a single file, no complex installation, no extra files copied all over your disk.
If you don't like it, just delete the program. No uninstall required.

PictureTray is completely free. Give it to anyone who might find it useful.

A very kind person wrote a tutorial of PictureTray in French, you can see it at:


Updated: December 8th, 2008